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Most of the important foundries are supporting #webfont

It’s true. With this much weight behind the .webfont proposal (2.1), it has to should be taken seriously.

The foundries listed below have expressed their support for the WebOTF proposal. The term “support” is understood to be general approval of the proposal and its intentions, not an exclusive commitment to it, or a formal endorsement of it.

Update: Tal Leming and Erik van Blokland, along with the help of Jonathan Kew (Mozilla), have written an updated proposal and re-christened the format, WebOTF. Read the new proposal. Until I hear back from all foundries, only those foundries in italic have stated their support of this new updated format.

  1. Adobe
  2. Alphabet Fonts
  3. Bold Monday
  4. Carter & Cone Type Inc.
  5. Chank Fonts
  6. Christian Schwartz / Commercial Type
  7. Emigre
  8. Erik Spiekermann, Founder of FontFont & FontShop
  9. Exljbris Font Foundry
  10. Feliciano Type Foundry
  11. FontFont
  12. Fonthead
  13. Fontsmith
  14. Fountain
  15. Gerard Unger
  16. Hoefler & Frere-Jones
  17. House Industries
  18. IHOF
  19. Incipit
  20. Incubator
  21. ITC Fonts
  22. Jeremy Tankard Typography
  23. John Downer
  24. KLTF
  25. Kombinat-Typefounders
  26. Kris Sowersby / Klim Type Foundry
  27. Lanston Type
  28. Letterror
  29. Linotype
  30. Mac Rhino Fonts
  31. Mark Simonson Studio
  32. Monotype
  33. Mota Italic
  34. Nicolas Massi
  35. Optimo
  36. Opto / Jean-Baptiste Levée
  37. Outras Fontes
  38. P22 Type Foundry
  39. Primetype
  40. Process Type Foundry
  41. Psy/Ops
  42. Rimmer Type Foundry
  43. Sherwood Type Col.
  44. Steve Mehallo
  45. Stone Type Foundry
  46. Sudtipos
  47. Thirstype
  48. TypeTogether
  49. Type Supply
  50. Typofonderie
  51. Typotheque
  52. Underware
  53. Village
  54. 1919 Type Foundry

John Gruber supports it too. TypeKit also likes the idea of it.

Based on what I understand, I am biased toward WOFF. But I should mention there is another format, in addition to WOFF, also garnering support for EOT Lite as another format being considered.

[Note: This is an evolving post. As new foundries are known to support it I will add them.]

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